Sunday, June 24, 2012


The Hoosier Rottweiler Club is Indiana’s premier Rottweiler Specialty Club.

Founded in 1981 by a small groups of Rottweiler owners and fanciers,  HRC is devoted to preserving and protecting the Rottweiler breed, and advancing animal health and welfare though sound breeding practices and abiding by a strict Code of Ethics.

The HRC is an AKC licensed dog club, and as such, holds AKC-santioned shows several times a year.

As an organization, the Hoosier Rottweiler Club contributes to the community through educational programs that teach responsible dog ownership, dog safety and dog bite prevention, as well as provide assistance to homeless Rottweilers in need.

The HRC also supports the local economy via the travel and tourism generated though dog shows, dog sports and other-club-related events.

Our membership hails from in and around the Indy area as well as from across the state, and constitutes an extremely valuable knowledge base regarding canine behavior, health, training and expertise.

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