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IPDA Monitors Privacy Issues With Pet Store Bill

February 11, 2010 by hrc123  
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The Indiana Purebred Dog Alliance continues to monitor HB 1256 – which is intended to regulate pet stores – but will have serious privacy implications for Mom & Pop Hobby Breeders if allowed to proceed.

Members of the Hoosier Rottweiler Club testified before the Committee about these concerns:
1.  Posting the name and address of the breeder and the facility where the dog or cat was born on the individual cages in the pet stores is an unnecessary invasion of privacy.
2.  Publishing the number of litters the breeder produces on both the cage itself, as well as in the information provided when someone buys the dog doesn’t mean the dog came from a sub-standard breeder.  Numbers don’t matter, but health, care and conditions do.
3.  A new $25 tax on the sale of dogs.  In the current economic climate, this is just plain wrong.

The bill has been rescheduled and amendments are expected to be introduced, and the IPDA will continue to monitor this bill.

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