Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rottweiler Rescue Foundation

Rottweiler Rescue Foundation

In 1997 at the ARC National the club decided that we should develop a rescue grant program modeled after the CRC program. This program should include ARC, CRC, and MRC. Several rounds of consultation resulted agreement between the three clubs.

In 1999 a proposal was to establish an independent corporation, whose function was to receive monies from the three clubs, and any other club or individual, that desired to participate, and distribute these funds as grants to groups engaged in the rescue of Rottweilers. This proposal was further developed into a form that was acceptable to the three clubs and finally accepted in early 2000, at which time we were able to initiate the process of obtaining an EIN, establishing bank accounts, incorporation, and IRS classification.

We began receiving donations in mid 2000, although we did not receive our IRS classification until July 2001, their “stamp date” not our “receipt date”. Our first grants were mailed in early 2001. To deal with problems in applying for external grants and in identification of dogs placed, our application forms had to be modified before the second series of grant applications was processed.

The Grant Application Forms have remained nearly constant since that time, modifications were made to make it easier for the Grant Committee to function.

We have exhibited a summary of our operations at all ARC Specialties since the 2001 specialty in Georgia. Some of these reports have been published in the ARK, and in the CRC Newsletter.

To date, RRF has awarded more than $103,000 in grants. A total of 228 grants have been awarded to 45 different rescue groups. The grant applications tabulated more than 5000 Rescued Rottweilers.

The number of Rottweilers rescued by an individual group in a 6 month grant period has ranged from 1 to more than 100. Only a few of the groups have obtained an IRS Classification. Several of the groups would have been dissolved if they had not received a grant that enabled them to pay a sizable Veterinary Bill.

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